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Save More, Earn More with Google Adwords: 13 Top Links


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Google Adwords is a lot of hard work, and requires continual monitoring, testing, experimenting and checking if you want to avoid wasting money. Added to that, there are numerous different strategies to consider, plus keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing and staying on top of Google’s tweaks and updates. If you’re new to PPC it can be overwhelming, and even seasoned Adwords users can settle into a stale routine, so it’s important to keep motivated and ensure your campaigns stay fresh.

Below we’ve listed links to some of our favourite Google Adwords and PPC articles from around the web. You’ll probably find that the most effective approach is to pick out a handful of key points which can be applied to your specific campaign, and keep them to hand for testing over a considerable period of time.

Blog Sneeze: Online Marketing

Catch up on our PPC blog posts the easy way. These posts cover everything from local targeting to structuring your Adwords account.

9 Google Adwords Tips You Absolutely Must Know

A valuable collection of first-hand tried and tested tips from a PPC expert – great for all levels of expertise.

PPC Flowchart

As well as being a valuable visual guide, this flowchart has clickable boxes for easy access to a wide range of resources on PPC and Google Adwords.

49 Tips for Google Adwords

These Adwords tips have been collected from around the web, with opportunity to critique and discuss them. They aren’t all relevant, but there’s some good advice mixed in here too.

How to make the most of Google Adwords

This comprehensive four-part guide is great for everyone from beginners to advanced users, and contains a variety of interesting observations and great advice.

13 Google Adwords Tips & Tricks

These tips from Simon Whatley are a great overview for those who’ve grasped all the Adwords lingo and are looking for the next step.

Advanced Google Adwords

Outlining techniques and tools from one of Google’s seminars, this post is worth checking out.

10 Worst Adwords Campaign Mistakes

A guide through some common Google Adwords mistakes with analysis and best practices.

PPC Mythbusters

Separate fact from fiction with this guide through common misconceptions of PPC and Google Adwords.

7 Top Google Adwords Tips

If you’re new to Google Adwords, these tips will help you avoid common mistakes.

How Negative Keywords Can Have a Positive Effect

This article guides you through using negative keywords in campaigns and explains why they’re extremely useful in reducing costs and making your ads more effective.

7 Explosive Strategies to Maximise Your Google Adwords Campaigns

These strategy tips from Econsultancy will help you get more out of your Google Adwords campaign.

Google’s Adwords Campaign Experiments Tool

This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know about setting up and managing experiments for your campaigns.


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