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The UK web design and development events scene [infographic]


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We love sponsoring some of the brilliant web design and web developer conferences and events around the UK; so much so, that we made an infographic all about them!

The data, taken from Lanyrd.com, shows some of the key trends that the conference and events scene has witnessed, including the surprisingly high proportion of free to attend events and the healthy increase in the overall number during the last five years.

The infographic also points out the UK’s most popular areas for finding events and conferences, as well as detailing the most prolific speakers in the last five years.

As ever, we invite you to embed the infographic on your own website using the code below.

Presented in this beautiful, clean and clear design, are our findings into UK web design and development events and conferences, enjoy:

HEART-Web Design and Development blog

Use the following code to add the infographic to your website:

Do the findings surprise you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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    [...] Internet hosting have made great use of the Lanyrd data and created an interesting infographic detailed the event scene in the United [...]
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