If it’s too hot to go outside and hunt Pokémon, why not spend five minutes saving the internet?

We’ve just launched a quick little game – RunTheNet. You’ve been sent back in time to the dawn of the internet to save it from attack. Choose your hero, and jump, run, and fly your way through time, defeating viruses, hackers, and other monsters.

RunTheNet Start Screen

To play, just go to www.heartinternet.uk/runthenet

Choose your hero, and start playing!

Our RunTheNet hero facing the Browser Compatibility Monster

Tap or click to jump, double-click to activate your hover board, and get from 1950 to 2016 by avoiding viruses, broken computers, and lag to go up against five bosses that are threatening to take down the internet!

Our RunTheNet Hero walking through lag while the Dot Com blimp rises high in 1997

After saving the internet, tweet your score and time to your friends, and enter in our competition to win a full Raspberry Pi Starter Kit.

Photos of the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit and the Raspberry Pi 3 in the Ninja Pibow case

This kit comes with a Raspberry Pi 3, Ninja Pibow case, 8GB microSD card with the NOOBS operating system pre-installed, chiclet USB keyboard, optical USB mouse, official power supply, and HDMI cable. All you need to provide is a monitor and you can start playing with your brand new Pi!

So what are you waiting for – go save the internet today!

Our RunTheNet Hero running through lag with Nyan Cat in the background because it's 2011

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