Minecraft Server Hosting

Optimise your online gaming

Minecraft Server Hosting

Fast, reliable Minecraft hosting powered by your choice of VPS or Hybrid Server

Minecraft Server Hosting

One-click install Minecraft server hosting

Join the millions of people playing Minecraft online by creating your own optimised Minecraft server hosting platform in just a click. Simply choose your VPS or Hybrid Server spec and select CentOS 6 as the operating system to get started. Alternately, you can install it manually on your choice of OS along with any other games you want to run.

Why choose us for Minecraft hosting?

We don’t charge slot prices and our flat monthly fee is all you pay, making our Hybrid Servers and VPS great cheap Minecraft server options. Additionally, you can have unlimited games and users - it’s your server to use as you like. Our servers are optimised for online gaming, offering you and your players a fast, hassle-free experience every time.

What are the minimum requirements?

To run Minecraft for up to 20 users without lag, we recommend at least a two core server with 3GB RAM. For every additional ten users, you’ll want to add an extra 1GB RAM for optimum gameplay, especially if you’re using mods. Our Virtual Private Servers qualify from Plus SSD and above, and all our Hybrid Servers meet these requirements.

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Zero Input/Output Sharing

The only data going to and from your game server is from you and your own players, guaranteeing an optimal gaming experience and eradicating the problem of other people’s peak times affecting your game’s performance.

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Run Multiple Games

You’re not just limited to Minecraft; you can install multiple games of any kind on your server and even run them side by side. For example, some of your players can be on CS:GO whilst others are playing Minecraft.

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Optimised for Gamers

Our VPS and Hybrid Servers are built using the latest Intel hardware and include 24x7 hardware and network support. Built by gamers for gamers, they offer a fast and reliable experience for you and your players.

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Free, Instant Setup

Get gaming in minutes with immediate, cost-free server provisioning. Combined with our quick Minecraft one-click install, you can get on with what’s important - placing blocks – straight away.

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Easy Upgrades

Your server is built to scale with Minecraft, so no matter how many mods you install or players you have online, it’s easy to upgrade and downgrade your resources straight from your VPS control panel.

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Multi-Purpose Hosting

Your VPS or Hybrid Server isn’t just limited to gaming – you’re free to use it as you wish. Host your websites, applications, and files or even use it as a chat or database server as well as for Minecraft hosting.

VPS or Hybrid Server?

Both our Virtual Servers and Hybrid Servers are ideal for Minecraft, but if you’re thinking of running more games or using your server for additional purposes (such as hosting websites or as a chat server), a Hybrid gives you more room to grow.

If you change your mind later on, it’s easy to upgrade from a VPS to Hybrid Server.


Plus SSD

Virtual Private Server


HS Base

Hybrid Server

Processor 2 Cores 6 × vCPU
Storage2 × 25GB SSD
(Solid State Disk)
2 × 1TB dedicated
(1TB usable)
RAM 3GB 18GB guaranteed
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Operating System Windows or Linux Windows or Linux
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From only £37.99 per month

Take control of your gaming your own Minecraft server with Heart Internet

Minecraft Gaming Servers

Enjoy lag-free Minecraft by installing it on one of our Hybrid Servers or Virtual Private Servers. Optimised for online gaming, your server can scale in line with your needs for fuss-free gameplay at an incredible price.

Features at a glance

  • Minecraft-optimised servers
  • Fast, easy spec upgrades
  • One-click Minecraft install
  • 24x7 UK hardware support
  • No slot or hidden fees
  • No minimum contracts

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