How do I transfer my .uk domain name away to a new host?

Transferring your .uk domain to a new host is very easy. You simply need to change the Nominet IPSTAG for your domain to the one provided by your new host.

Make certain you have it absolutely correct, because entering in the wrong IPSTAG could result in you losing control of your domain name.

  1. Log into your Customer Area
  2. Click ‘Manage Domain Names’
  3. Click the link under ‘List Your Domains’
  4. Click the ‘Manage’ link for the domain you wish to edit
  5. Click ‘Change Nominet Tag’
  6. Confirm that you want to change the Nominet tag
  7. Enter in the new tag
  8. Click ‘Change Nominet Tag’
  9. Your IPSTAG will be changed
  10. Nominet will update your domain and transfer the domain in

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