How can I delete a domain reference?

Domain references are set up to ensure that before you purchase of or the transfer of a domain name is finalised, you can have a hosting package or other features ready to go.

If you choose not to continue with that site, you can delete the domain reference.

Before you delete the domain reference, you must delete or cancel any attached services.  This includes hosting, email, or transfers.   If there is still a service attached to the domain reference, it will not delete.

To delete a domain reference:

  1. Log into your Customer Area
  2. Click ‘Manage Domain Names’
  3. Click the link under ‘Web Hosting Domain References’
  4. Under ‘Delete a Domain Reference’, select the domain name you wish to delete in the drop-down and click ‘Delete Reference’
  5. The reference will be removed

Please note: domain references will automatically be deleted in 24 hours if they have not been used.

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