How do I upload a CGI script into my hosting account?

A CGI script can be uploaded into any directory in your hosting package.

Traditionally, they are uploaded into the existing cgi-bin directory provided. This is for security as well as organisation.  However, if you have a script that you want to keep in its own directory, you can create a new directory using File Manager or FTP, and place the script in there.

To upload your script:

  1. Open up your File Manager or FTP client
  2. Select the directory you want to put the script in
  3. Select your script
  4. Upload your script

If you are uploading using FTP, make certain you are uploading using ‘ASCII’ instead of ‘Binary’.

Once your script is uploaded, you will need to make sure it has the right permissions.

To set the permissions:

  1. Select the script on your account
  2. View the permissions for the script
  3. Make certain the permissions are listed as ‘755’, ‘rwxr-xr-x’, or ‘Owner: Read/Write/Execute, Group: Read/Execute, World: Read/Execute’

Many CGI scripts are written in Perl.  If you have a Perl script, you must check that:


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