How do I connect to my virtual Linux server through SSH?

The preferred way to manage Linux servers is to use Secure Shell, or SSH.  This network protocol allows you to communicate with your machine securely over a network.

To get started with SSH, you will need an SSH client.  For OS X and Linux, you can use your Terminal, which is already installed on your systems.  For Windows, we recommend PuTTY, a free program available here:

To connect to your server:

  1. Open your Customer Area
  2. Click ‘Manage Hybrid & VPS Servers’
  3. Look for the server you want to connect to and click the icon next to it
  4. Look for the Primary IP Address, Login Username, and Login Password
  5. Open your Terminal or PuTTY
  6. In ‘Host Name (or IP address)’ enter in your server’s Primary IP Address
  7. Make sure the radio button is set to ‘SSH’ under ‘Connection Type’
  8. Click ‘Open’
  9. Accept the server’s digital key
  10. In the prompt, you will see


  1. Enter in your Login Username
  2. Enter in the Login Password
  3. You will now be logged into your server

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