How do I get support from the Heart Internet Customer Services team?

The Customer Services team is contactable through our Support Ticket system.  We do not offer support over the phone or via email.

You can raise a Support Ticket at any time through the Heart Internet Customer Area.

Before you raise a Support Ticket, there are two places you should check for an answer.

If your site or email is down

Please check the current system status at This will tell you if there are any problems with any of our systems, plus provide dates and times for upcoming planned maintenance.

If you have a question

Please check the Support Database:  Over 50% of all questions our Customer Services team receives are already answered in our Support Database, and it only takes a few seconds to search the database to find the answer to your problem.

You can achieve the best results by searching for a particular keyword rather than a full question.  For example, searching ‘email iPad’ produces many more results than ‘how do I send email on my iPad’.

Raising a Support Ticket

If you still cannot find an answer to your problem, you can raise a Support Ticket.

How to raise a Support Ticket:

  1. Log into your Heart Internet Customer Area
  2. Click on the ‘Customer Services’ link
  3. Click the ‘Create a new Customer Services Ticket’ under ‘Contact Customer Services’
  4. If you want to use a different contact for this ticket, click the box that says ‘If you would like to enter alternative contact information for this ticket, please click here’ and enter in the name and email address you wish to use
  5. Select the service or domain name you have a question about
  6. Enter in a short one-line summary of the problem under ‘Summary’
  7. Enter in the full details of the problem, including any error messages, under ‘Details’
  8. If you have a screenshot, attach it under ‘Optional File Attachment’
  9. If your email or website is completely inaccessible, please tick the box attached
  10. Click ‘Submit Ticket’
  11. Your ticket will now be sent to the Customer Services team who will review it and come back with a response within minutes

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