What do I need to put in the email I send to the Domain Robot?

The email you send to the Domain Robot needs to be in a particular format and syntax for the Domain Robot to be able to read them.

Make certain that your email:

Your Domain Robot password is available on the Domain Robot page in your Heart Internet Customer Area. You can change the password there as well.

The full list of keywords that can be used with the Domain Robot are on the Domain Robot’s page in your Heart Internet Customer Area, but the most commonly used ones are:

If you want to register or renew more than one email, you can include them on the same line as your first domain, with a semicolon separating each domain.

For example:


If you are purchasing domain names for yourself and want to use the default details you have already given Heart Internet, you can leave out the registrant details and only include the domain details.

Once you have created your Domain Robot email, you can test it by sending the email to register-test@robot.heartinternet.co.uk.  If the test is validated, you then send the email to register@robot.heartinternet.co.uk.

The Domain Robot will go through your email and, provided that you have enough Domain Credits, instantly make the domain name purchases you have requested.

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