How do I change or create a default holding page for new domains?

When a customer purchases a new hosting account or a new domain name, a generic default place holding page is put up.  As a Reseller, you can customise these pages to show that you are the owner of that account or domain name until your customer begins to build a website or points the domain name to an existing site.

You will need to create and upload an HTML page to an existing hosting account before you can use a custom domain name place holding page.  The domain will not redirect to the site that holds the page, but will point at the page.

To create a custom default domain page:

  1. Create an HTML page with the information you want to display on the default domain page
  2. Upload the HTML page to a site hosted by you
  3. View the page in your browser and copy the full URL of the page
  4. Log into your Reseller Control Centre
  5. Click ‘Domain Control Panel’ under ‘Manage Domain Names’
  6. Paste your copied URL into the text box next to ‘Full URL’ under ‘Default Holding Page’
  7. Click ‘Update Now’
  8. Domain names will now point to your default domain page

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