£12.00 Annual Managed VPS Promotion Terms

  • This £12.00 offer is only available to new customers.
  • The offer applies to the Base Plus Managed VPS package.
  • There is no limit to how many Base Plus Managed VPS packages new customers can buy using this offer.
  • All prices exclude VAT, which is charged at the normal 20%.
  • This offer applies only to the first year of purchase.
  • Following the conclusion of the offer, the Managed VPS Base Plus package will be renewed at the standard renewal rate for the number of years specified.
  • Customers are advised that the current quoted prices on the Heart Internet site are subject to change.
  • This offer expires on 30th January 2020.
  • Customers may not use this offer in conjunction with other related promotions offered by Heart Internet or associated brands.
  • Heart Internet reserves the right to end this offer, extend this offer, and/or amend the terms and conditions of this offer at any time without the prior consent of the customer.
  • Reasonable usage applies.
  • This offer is subject to Heart Internet’s terms and conditions.


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