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Hosting and developing Magento, Moodle, Joomla, and Wordpress websites.
Andy Shipley - Ashburn IT is a Heart Internet Reseller Pro customer

“…Heart Internet has given us the confidence to go out and deliver to our clients…”

Andy Shipley, along with a few others, has been running Ashburn IT for the last eight years. He decided to start the business when a concerned friend saw him working day and night, and urged him to take his qualifications in IT and Business further.

It hasn’t been a smooth journey for Ashburn IT. They were hit by the UK recession shortly after starting up - something that could have been catastrophic for a new business of its size. Despite this, Ashburn IT continued to grow with Heart Internet. “It’s evolved from doing run-of-the-mill websites into e-commerce and e-learning as our principle offers,” says Andy.

Ashburn IT uses a number of Heart Internet services, including reseller accounts, virtual private and dedicated servers, and email servers. “We love the one-click load service because that helps us quickly populate the site,” he says of the reseller platform. As a small business using so many services, it’s important that Andy and his team can get the support they need when they need it. “Being small businesses, we come together and could be working all hours of the day and night,” he says. “We know Heart Internet’s support services will be there if required.”

As Ashburn IT evolves, their confidence grows. “The essence of our business is to be available 24-7, and we believe that’s what Heart Internet has given us through sales, support, and the products they deliver to us,” He says. “That gives us the confidence to go out and deliver those to our clients.”

This confidence has enabled Ashburn IT to work on large projects with well-known customers, including Hunters Estate Agents, Land Based Learning, and Hawthorn Printmakers, to name a few that they are particularly proud of.

The team at Ashburn IT have many plans for the future as they continue to expand. “At the moment, we’re building an e-learning hub for 34 agricultural colleges across the United Kingdom - that’s where the team really is all coming together.”

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The Heart Internet reseller platform is quick and responsive - we love the one-click load service because that helps us quickly populate the sites.