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Multi-disciplinary, full service online marketing agency

“ seems that a lot of London-based businesses are recognising the talent that lies away from the UK’s capital...”

Customer since: 2005

Set up in 2003 by Peter Daykin, Daykin & Storey is a multi-disciplinary, full service agency specialising in online marketing. In Peter’s own words: “We sit down with people – from small businesses or large organisations – work out what message they’re trying to get across and come up with creative ways of doing it. We use printed media, websites, animation, film and pretty much any other form of communication you can think of.

The idea for the company was formed whilst Peter was working on a local football fanzine where he witnessed the football community embracing the internet revolution at a time when magazine circulations were dwindling across the board. Within weeks of the site going live it was being deluged in visitors and feedback, and Peter caught a glimpse of a very exciting future.

Customer service

Azure Design were one of Heart Internet’s first reseller hosting clients, joining within the first few weeks of launch. Daykin & Storey previously had a reseller account with a company called Host Plus which has since ceased trading. Peter’s first experiences with a web host were not positive:“Unfortunately, the company experienced a number of quite serious problems and our time with them was riddled with downtime, poor customer service and aggravation. When another client broke in to their office and attacked the managing director with a fire extinguisher (no joke), we thought it might be time to leave.”

After their bad experience with Host Plus, Daykin & Storey Design needed someone reliable and responsive that they could talk to if there was a problem: “There were any number of hosting options available, but Heart Internet’s proposition looked comfortably better than the market standard. We thought we’d ring them to find out what the catch was and ended up being put through to one of the company directors. He explained a little about the history and experience of the people involved, that they had founded, run and then sold on some household names in UK hosting, and laid out his plans for the development of Heart Internet. They obviously knew what they were doing, so we took the plunge.”

Azure Design currently host over three hundred domains and websites with Heart Internet on behalf of their clients through a Reseller Pro account: “I’m staggered at how well Heart Internet’s systems and servers work considering the price we pay. For entry-level hosting, I’m yet to see a better package of reliability, features and support.”

The future

Azure Design has some exciting projects on the go with some very interesting clients including Arsenal FC, Fruit Net and mapping experts PIE Enterprises. Peter is very positive about the future growth potential: “In the midst of the recession it seems that a lot of London-based businesses are recognising the talent that lies away from the UK’s capital, and that they can access this at reduced costs because of our lower overheads. As a result, our friends down south are increasingly off-shoring to Sunderland! Hopefully that’ll continue. We’re not greedy, we just want to find creative ways to deal with interesting projects, and have some fun along the way.

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Within weeks of the site going live it was being deluged in visitors and feedback; and Peter caught a glimpse of a very exciting future...