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Kosta Mavroulakis - Empact Ventures is a Heart Internet customer

“I think Heart Internet is the best solution you can have for domains and hosting as a business… ”

Kosta Mavroulakis is the founder and CEO of Empact Ventures, an organisation dedicated to helping start-ups and social enterprises grow sustainable businesses. After starting his own non-profit business with a group of friends at Warwick University while studying Computing and Business, he discovered his passion for the entrepreneurial world, leading him to launch Empact Ventures in 2016. 

Although Kosta loved the freedom he got from running his own business, as Empact Ventures grew he knew he needed a solution to help him manage his workload. “As a one-man band, you try to get everything done by working around the clock – but sometimes, for your own sanity and health, you need to stand back and say you need some help,” he says.

Luckily, Kosta found the products and services provided by Heart Internet allowed him to manage multiple accounts with ease, which was ideal for the nature of the work he had to do. “The type of start-up clients we work for often need 4 or 5 domains at a time,” He says. “So being able to quickly order domains in bulk, and easily manage them all from one place has been particularly useful.”

Kosta also uses the Control Panel and its powerful features to streamline the management of his business.  “The power of the control panel is immense,” he says. “I can set up hosting packages and issue domains quickly, and the one-click WordPress install makes it easy for me to set up a basic website for my clients.”

Kosta has built a strong reputation for his business and credits reliability as key. “We host and support a lot of our clients’ websites so always being available when they need us is very important. That’s why we’ve stayed with Heart Internet for 15 years – the reliability and support service they provide helps us do that.”

Empact Ventures is going from strength to strength, and he looks forward to growing his team and travelling across the UK and Europe helping start-ups to develop everywhere. “It’s going to be a long process, but one that I am looking forward to.”


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We’ve stayed with Heart Internet for 15 years because of the reliability and support service that they provide.