Sleeky Web Design

Full service graphic and web design agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne

“…after being left high and dry before, we wanted a company that would give us the support we needed…”

Customer since 2011:

Started in 2004 as a side business, Sleeky Web Design & Print is now an established full service web and graphic design agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne and serving the Newcastle and Gateshead area. Sleeky targets small/medium businesses and works closely with them from the ground up to build their brand, including logos, websites, and stationery.

With over 200 clients across the UK and as far afield as Nigeria, Sleeky offers a range of creative and marketing services, including web design, graphic design, printing, online marketing, and website hosting.

Sleeky and Heart Internet

Sleeky started using Heart Internet’s Reseller Hosting in 2011 after negative experiences with other web hosts. Sleeky’s director, David Chapman, states: “On two occasions in a six month period, all our client websites were unavailable for over 24 hours. As a result, we lost considerable business and encountered a lot of stress. In fact, on the first occasion, we had to set-up over 100 websites again, which involved working 48 hours straight while receiving virtually no support."

Reliable Support and Service

The reliability of the hosting platform and the customer support has impressed David Chapman. “We have found the hosting platform to be very reliable, which is important when hosting client websites – even a small server problem can have a major impact on our day."

“What impresses the most is the customer support. In comparison with our previous hosts, issues have been few and far between. And when there is a problem, most support tickets are solved within the hour. It is also great to work with the UK-based support staff, who I find to be very helpful and polite.”

The Future

David Chapman sees Sleeky’s future tied closely with Heart Internet. “We’re currently developing improved SEO and Social Media services to our clients, as well as a printing e-commerce website."

“Finally, we’re set to redesign the Sleeky website. Due to the speed at which styles and technology changes, our website has started to look dated. It’s also important to practice what we preach!"

“We believe quality design doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg, and I feel that Heart Internet has a similar ethos in terms of website hosting. I would recommend Heart Internet to anybody.”

Sleeky Web Design & Print – make your business sleek

We chose Heart Internet’s Reseller Hosting due to its great value for money and ‘unlimited’ package. However, the main reason was the excellent customer service reviews – after being left high and dry before, we wanted a solution and a company that would give us the support we needed.