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“Having our VPS has allowed us to improve our page load times for the sites we have hosted on the server…”

Customer since: 2006

Frustrated by the level of service and value offered by SEO agencies, Dan Taylor founded Tailored Internet Marketing in 2011 to help small businesses achieve their online marketing goals.

Dan’s expertise in his field has been garnered through working with award-winning digital agencies and MoneySupermarket.com in senior SEO positions, and he finally went full-time with Tailored Internet Marketing in 2012.

Dan says: “[I have been] working full time on the company since April 2012 and have seen it go from strength to strength in a short amount of time, leading to recently taking on our first member of staff.”

Working with small businesses has led to the company taking on a diverse and eclectic mix of clients; Dan says, “We are currently working with a variety of clients in many niches ranging from Christmas lights to local driving instructors.”

Tailored Internet Marketing and Heart Internet

After positive experiences with his Heart Internet Reseller Pro account, Dan wasted no time in investing in VPS when the product launched in November 2011.

Dan has made use of the extra power to benefit both his own websites and his clients’, allowing him to offer a slick and professional service. Dan says: “Having our Heart Internet VPS has allowed us to improve our page load times for the sites we have hosted on the server by around 50%. This has a positive impact on usability and website rankings.”

Customer service 

Dan actively recommends Heart Internet “to anyone that will listen”, and his advice to anyone who is in the market for VPS is, “If you are basing your decisions on cost, support and reliability then you cannot look any further. A Heart Internet VPS allows you to take the next step in hosting when shared just doesn’t tick the boxes anymore.”

Dan’s dealings with the Heart Internet support team have been wholly positive, with queries being dealt with swiftly and accurately. Dan says: “Heart Internet’s support system is one of the best experiences of support I have experienced on the net. When we (rarely) have issues I know that we will have a support operative on hand to help us through the process. As an example we recently had a configuration error with our VPS and although the server is unmanaged, the support team managed to resolve the issue for me.”

The future

Dan and Tailored Internet Marketing are looking to grow and expand rapidly and have big plans for the immediate future of the company. “The business has grown from nothing to where we are now in just 8 months, and in the next few years I can see us continuing along that trajectory. In the next two years we hope to employ up to 5 more staff and help as many small to medium businesses succeed online as we can. [We hope to move] SEO away from a sales-based business back to a results-based business, which is better for customers.”

Tailored Internet Marketing – Small Business SEO

When we need more power from the server we can have it, if we don’t need as much we can remove it - all automatically...