The Crafty Gentleman

DIY tutorials and crafts blog for men and women
Mike Aspinall - The Crafty Gentleman is a Heart Internet customer

“Having the right domain is critical for me…””

Mike Aspinall runs a blog called The Crafty Gentleman - a DIY and crafts tutorial site focusing on original projects, such as food recipes and clothing items he makes himself. He started the blog in 2013 after becoming immersed in his Chemistry degree and needing a creative outlet.

Starting a business blog meant that it was critical for Mike to find the right domain name to represent his blog. “My domain is everything really. It gives it that level of professionalism,” he says. “Before I joined Heart Internet I had a WordPress domain which got me where I needed to be, but it was limiting.”

Heart Internet’s custom domain and email address was the professional solution that Mike had been searching for. “It’s a robust and reliable service that has done everything I need it to,” He says.

It’s worked well for him - traffic to the blog often comes from referrals and social media, but a large amount of it also comes from Google searches, making it crucial for him to have a domain name that represents his blog professionally.

The Crafty Gentleman currently receives 20,000 hits per month - a number that Mike is seeing grow rapidly. His proudest business moment was working with drinks brand Innocent Smoothies on their Big Knit campaign - and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

The future is looking bright for The Crafty Gentleman, who is considering launching an Etsy shop and linking it to the blog - another huge step for his business. He is confident that Heart Internet will be able to grow with his brand. “The main way I expect my blog will progress is size. Heart Internet is completely scalable with that - it can cope with demand and high visitor levels.”

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Managing my domain with Heart has been great. I know that the team are on hand if I have any problems, but there have been none to date