Going forward with e-commerce solutions
Andy Morley and Matthew Porter - Kumo is a Heart Internet VPS customer

“We have had to evolve our business…”

Kumo, started by Andy Morley and Matthew Porter, focuses on e-commerce, working with companies to design, develop, and optimise their sites.  Initially started in Andy’s garage, Kumo is now a multi-discipline agency, assisting clients of all sizes with their online presence and marketing.

As they grew, they required a web host that could provide them with flexible hosting solutions that could be change to accommodate their growing customer base. “If a client was doing a large-scale campaign which would see an increase in traffic, it could be handled and coped with,” Andy says. “Then we could grow the hosting solutions with the clients.”

Heart Internet’s VPS gave them the versatility they needed to support their current customers and expand their business, especially when they began to offer Magento for e-commerce. “We have had to evolve our business,” says Andy. “And the flexibility of the products and services that are on offer has helped us when we have grown.”

With Heart Internet, they were able to grow, offering more services to their clients, without over-extending themselves. “We have not had to over-commit to a solution that is more than our needs,” says Andy. “That in turn has saved us money.”

As they evolve their products to meet their clients’ needs, they also evolve their company, including becoming a Google AdWords partner. “We can grow the hosting solutions with the clients,” Andy says. “And we always recommend going to Heart Internet.”

We can grow the hosting solutions with the clients. And we always recommend going to Heart Internet.