WordPress Hosting

The easiest way to excel with managed WordPress




A great way to get started with a blog or website on WordPress

+ 20% VAT
+ 20% VAT
Billed annually
A £12 saving

1mo @ £4.99/mo + 20% VAT
12mo @ £3.99/mo + 20% VAT


A next-level package for sites that are set to grow

+ 20% VAT
+ 20% VAT
Billed annually
A £12 saving

1mo @ £6.99/mo + 20% VAT
12mo @ £5.99/mo + 20% VAT


Powerful WordPress hosting, ideal for larger sites with heavy traffic

+ 20% VAT
+ 20% VAT
Billed annually
A £12 saving

1mo @ £11.99/mo + 20% VAT
12mo @ £9.99/mo + 20% VAT


A top option for quickly building an online shop with WordPress

+ 20% VAT
+ 20% VAT
Billed annually
A £24 saving

1mo @ £26.99/mo + 20% VAT
12mo @ £24.99/mo + 20% VAT
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The benefits of WordPress hosting

You’ll get the best from WordPress

WordPress powers one third of the world’s websites. But not all of them run as optimally as they could. We’ve engineered the tech specs of these hosting packages especially for WordPress. So your site is as slick and sound as far as security goes as it can be.

Free bespoke themes

These managed WordPress packages give you access to a bounty of exclusive themes – page templates – that can help you design your site and populate it with the right content. These themes have been created for a range of industries from architects to creative agencies.

Business Email

We are giving away Essential Business Email free, for the first year, with single site packages. This professional business email system can help you with scheduling, time management and task delegation in addition to messaging.


Our E-Commerce plans are designed to elevate your experience with WooCommerce, the top e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Not least, because these packages give you access to 40 WooCommerce premium extensions for free – that’s more than £2,000 worth of additional value.

Straightforward migrations

We take the headache out of site migration. Every WordPress Hosting package comes with a plugin that automatically migrates sites.

WordPress hosting features

All the WordPress hosting features you need in one convenient place.

Automatic WordPress core and security updates

We take the chore of WordPress core updates away from you. We monitor updates closely and roll them out as soon as we’re sure there are no bugs linked to them.

Daily backups with 1-click restore

We safeguard your site with automatic backups that are kept for 30 days. A single stress-free click is all it takes to restore your full site, or a part of it such as your databases or files.

Free Domain

These bundles make running a website a little bit more affordable by including a domain name free for the first year.

Free pre-installed SSL

The website linked to your Managed WordPress hosting package will be automatically secured with a valid DV SSL certificate. You don’t need to worry about validating it or renewing it. Our system does that for you.

Website performance tool

This handy tool analyses your site to give you deep insights into any factors that could be impacting its performance. It takes into account everything from image size to text compression to help you understand how to speed up your site.

File Manager

Our in-house File Browser allows you to upload, create, and manage files on your Managed WordPress hosting. It can also be used in place of FTP to edit PHP INI files or upload compressed files to your storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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