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Pro 5

+ 20% VAT
+ 20% VAT
Billed annually
A £24 saving

1mo @ £26.99/mo + 20% VAT
12mo @ £24.99/mo + 20% VAT

Pro 10

+ 20% VAT
+ 20% VAT
Billed annually
A £36 saving

1mo @ £42.99/mo + 20% VAT
12mo @ £39.99/mo + 20% VAT

Pro 25

+ 20% VAT
+ 20% VAT
Billed annually
A £60 saving

1mo @ £94.99/mo + 20% VAT
12mo @ £89.99/mo + 20% VAT

Pro 50

+ 20% VAT
+ 20% VAT
Billed annually
A £120 saving

1mo @ £159.99/mo + 20% VAT
12mo @ £149.99/mo + 20% VAT
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Why choose WordPress hosting for pros?

WordPress is ready to go

WordPress is pre-installed on all WordPress Pro hosting packages, so you can get straight to designing sites for your clients.

The dashboard

All managed WordPress Pro hosting packages come with a dashboard that’s been designed to streamline tasks linked to the design and development of WordPress sites. Here you’ll find quick links to jump to tasks from adding imagery to a site to setting up a custom domain.

Expert tools

As mentioned, these plans come with a dashboard that lets you manage all your sites from one place. They also come with advanced management features like one-click staging and SSH access with WP-CLI and GIT to give you extra control over your projects.

Time to grow

It’s not just the dashboard that’s designed to save you time on these plans. They also unshackle you from hosting and WordPress admin chores like backups and updates, so you can invest more time nurturing clients and building your business.

24/7 support

If you ever need a helping hand or a bit of advice, you can reach out to Heart’s expert WordPress support team around the clock. Plus, if you decide the product really isn’t for you, you can take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee.

Ultimate efficiency

Efficiency and speed are ensured through elements like SSD storage and a content delivery network (CDN) with a custom-made caching solution.

The benefits of Managed WordPress Pro hosting

Full potential WordPress

We’ve fine-tuned the technical specifications of these packages so WordPress performs at its peak. Elements like SSD storage and a content delivery network (CDN) plus caching solution ensure the sites you design are fast and reliable.

Automatic WordPress updates

These packages have been designed to free up your time so you can focus on the design and development of client sites rather than behind the scenes duties. We take care of all WordPress core updates, ensuring they’re stable before we execute them.

Automatic daily backups

You can count on automatic backups that are kept for 90 days. What’s more, it takes just a single click to restore either full sites of parts of your site.

Free specially designed themes

While these hosting packages give you everything you need to deliver bespoke sites to clients, they also offer you a few shortcuts. With every bundle you get access to a selection of exclusively designed themes populated with images and content, which you can use as a base for building a site succinctly.

Free pre-installed SSL

All websites linked to your managed WordPress Pro hosting package will be automatically secured with a valid DV SSL certificate. You don’t need to fret about validating it or renewing it either. Our system does all that for you, so you can rest easy knowing your site’s data is secure.

Stress-free migrations

Every WordPress Pro hosting package comes with a plugin that automatically migrates sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

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