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Website Security won’t miss a trick

Never worry about the safety of your site again

Malware can strike at any time

Malware can strike at any time. Make sure your site is secure

You’re never immune from malware, regardless of what kind of website you’re running or computer you have. We don’t recommend you take chances – just one instance of a malware infection can wreak havoc on your website and your reputation.

Advanced protection gives you a secure website that is always protected from online threats and vulnerabilities, providing you with peace of mind. And should anything slip through, Website Security will ensure it’s taken care of way before it gets far enough to do any damage to your system.

The easiest way to secure your website

Daily scans, down to the server level, ensure that any malware attempting to infect your system is stopped in its tracks. Website Security also monitors your site for symptoms such as blacklisting and issues with uptime. In the event that malicious software is found, you’ll be alerted straight away.

You can submit a removal request at any time – our expert team is available around the clock with a maximum response time of 12 hours. They’ll quickly get to work on removing the malware and restoring your site to safety.

The easiest way to secure your website
Don’t compromise on safety.

Don’t compromise on safety. Get extra protection with the Web Application Firewall

Our Deluxe and Ultimate packages come complete with our Web Application Firewall (WAF) which adds an extra layer of security to your website protection. It prevents DDoS attacks and therefore safeguards not only your website, but your entire network too. You can also rest assured that you’re protected from brute force, injection, cross site and zero-day attacks.

Has your site already been hacked?

What Website Security does for you
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Remove malware from your website from the minute it appears.

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Know about security issues immediately with regular notifications.

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Stop future hacks with our Web Application Firewall.

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Make your site even faster with our built-in CDN.

Do more with your website

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SSL Certificates

Provide even more security with SSL certificates

Deluxe and Ultimate Website Security will provide encryption from the browser to our CDN. Add even more security with one of our SSL certificates, encrypting your customers’ transactions from the browser through to the server.

SSL Certificates

Reliable and affordable web hosting

Our shared hosting platform is built on the latest server and hardware technology, with distributed resources for plenty of redundancy. With packages starting at £10.99 a month, you can get feature-filled web hosting for your site. And we’ll help you transfer everything over to our servers.

SSL Certificates

Even more power and performance

Get the power and flexibility of a virtual private server without the hassle of being your own system administrator. Our Managed VPS packages give you dedicated resources and plenty of space to expand while we manage updates and backups for you. And we’ll help you transfer everything over to our servers.

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