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There are hundreds of email marketing infographics all across the web, and we've picked out some of the most useful tips and tricks to help you optimise your emails.

Below we've included ten of our favourites. Simply click the image to enlarge or view the original source and the context behind the graphic. If you find any tips particularly handy or want to add your own, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post!


Secrets to crafting the perfect marketing email

This is a great cheatsheet and checklist of all the key points to remember. Keep it close to hand throughout your email planning, writing, and designing process and tick off as you go.

How to sell through email

If you have any kind of online business presence, email is a valuable and well-established tool for getting your customers' attention. This infographic also has a lot of great data if you're trying to explain to your clients why email is vital to their success. 

33 email marketing tips in 140 characters or less

A collection of great quick tips from the pros: definitely one to bookmark and refer back to regardless of your level of expertise.

7 myths of email marketing

Some of the most popular beliefs surrounding mailing lists, subscribers and text are debunked in this well-crafted cartoon infographic.

The opening line & How to send email marketing campaigns

Packed with all kinds of best practice tips, these infographics need to be consumed full size when you have a few minutes to dedicate to them.

Dos and don'ts of email marketing

This clear, simple infographic simultaneously helps you avoid common pitfalls whilst ensuring you make the most of your marketing messages.

29 super tips to improve B2B email campaign performance

A superhero guide to targeting other businesses with your emails.

The state of welcome emails

Do you provide a welcome email to your customers or subscribers once they sign up? If so, check out these gems for improving your initial email and achieving your goals straight away.

Design for the subscriber

Taking you through everything from the deciding stage to the landing page, this image is perfect for those just getting started with sending emails.

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