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Whatever your thoughts about the iPhone there is no denying it represents a step change in the way we access data and spend our time on the move and thanks mainly to the ever growing app store we have immediate access to all aspects of our digital life. The success of the app store is well documented with over 85,000 apps to choose from, 2 billion downloads, over 6.3 million apps downloaded every day, and the iPhone OS is now the 4th most used OS. Our recently launched Heart Internet iPhone control panel based on customer feedback and demand is testament to the increasing importance of mobile internet access and business use.

The downside to the success of the app store is the sheer volume of apps there are to search through is mind blowing, so we have done it for you! Below are some of the best apps (paid and free) we have found for managing your website through your iPhone. We are sure there are plenty we could have listed, but there is a good chance we haven’t come across them yet, so if you know of any, leave a comment below.

https://analyticsapp.com/: Access all your Google Analytics data through a specially designed interface for the iPhone making it easier and quicker to pull and report data.

https://www.ftponthego.com/: “FTP On The Go” lets you log into your server using your iPhone to download and upload files, and comes with an inbuilt text editor to amend files on the fly.

https://iphone.wordpress.org/:  The official WordPress app allowing you to  write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone

https://www.concentricsky.com/products/iphone/: CSS, HTML, JavaScript and  PHP cheat sheets on your iPhone

https://www.code-line.com/software/: Colour code selector including Pantone, web safe colours, and HTML colours.

https://ego-app.com/: Keep up to date with your web 2.0 stats including feedburner feed subscriptions, twitter followers, Google Analytics data etc.

https://www.freetheapps.com/app.php?app=crop: Crop and rotate  images without any loss of picture quality

https://customer.heartinternet.uk/manage: Not an app per se, but manage your Heart Internet web hosting and domain names via our special iPhone control panel

https://www.itunes.com/app/sourceviewer: (Direct link to iTunes) View a web page’s HTML, CSS & JavaScript

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  • Phil Hallam


    Link to consentricksky is incorrect above. It has the wordpress link behind it.

    Also just purchased Analyticsapp only to find it isn’t working at the moment and they are waiting on apple to approve the new version. Looking forward to using it when it is sorted.

    Good article though. Very useful. Thanks

  • 02/11/2009


    Thanks for the heads up on the link, it has now been updated. The ‘Analyticsapp’ has a notice at the top of the product descriptionin the app store about that, and hopefully it should be updated soon.


  • Ben


    Just to reiterate Matt’s response, I also follow AnalyticsApp on Twitter:


    The release should be any day now once Apple have approved the fix, then everything will be working again!

    Can’t recommend AnalyticsApp enough if you’re into your stats! 🙂

  • Phil


    To be fair to AnalyticsApp they did offer a refund but as it is expected to be fixed very soon I declined.

    Looking forward to giving it a go.

  • Ben


    Just letting you know the AnalyticsApp update is now live on the app store ready to download!


  • Darren


    Some great apps there thank you! My iPhone screen is a little more cluttered now, thanks!

    Slightly disappointed when I saw the Heart Internet “app”, I was expecting a downloadable app not just a mobile-optimised website, but still, better than trying to access it via full browser.

  • 11/11/2009


    Downloading apps can become addictive, I had to have a purge of apps over the weekend to get my pages down. I suppose we have been a bit loose with the term ‘app’ but you can save a Heart Internet icon to your iPhone home page by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of your browser and then choosing “Add to home screen”.



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