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Heart Internet is proud to sponsor Hack24 – a 24-hour coding challenge in the heart of Nottingham.

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Held at the stunning Nottingham Council House in Market Square, Hack24 is designed for all levels of experience and drawing in people from a range of fields, giving teams 24 hours to create something clever, useful, funny, artistic, philanthropic, or just plain weird, based on the challenges offered.

The crowd at Hack24

The challenges are always unique, creative, and fun to explore, with this year including building Easter eggs into software and using technology to better science reporting and publishing. And while most teams do come up with a software development solution, you don’t need any programming, development, or design skills.

In fact, I participated in Hack24 2015. And with no programming skills, a tiny bit of CSS/HTML knowledge, and the urge to go through piles of nerdy data, I won one of the challenges with my essay on science fiction films at the local arthouse cinema.

The collection of stickers available at Hack24

Hack24 is a fantastic way to get involved with the tech community in Nottingham, a bright and vibrant community always willing to meet new people and share their love of technology. From Tech Nottingham to Design Exchange Nottingham to the Creative Quarter – Nottingham is a place with an amazing technology community.

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The final batch of tickets are released this Friday, 23 February. These free tickets always go quickly, so please keep an eye on the tickets page at noon on Friday.

While Heart Internet isn’t providing a challenge this year, we are using this as a launch pad to get more involved in tech events around Nottingham. If you know of any events in Nottingham and are looking for sponsorship, please email


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