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As you know, we are constantly listening to customer suggestions and ideas and we’ve implemented over two thousand of them, which has literally helped us to shape and develop our product range.

We got thinking and decided that we’d put a slight twist on this, and give you the chance to ask us the questions that you’d always wanted to, and film the results for everyone to see.

Ask us anything!

We are blessed with some amazing talent here at Heart Internet, so this is an opportunity for you to get some practical advice and learn more about us. Whether you have a question for our designers, support team, sys admins, marketing or just want to know our opinions on something, we’ll get the right people in front of a camera to tell you what you need to know.

Ask Heart Internet is ongoing, so if you think of more than one question, make sure you submit all your ideas and we’ll work through them.

To get those cogs moving, here are some examples of the type of question you might want to ask us:

  • How does cloud hosting work?
  • What are the best web design books to read for beginners?
  • How has the latest Google Panda update affected SEO?
  • What are the best ways to protect my website from hackers?
  • As a reseller, what features and benefits should I be pushing hardest to my clients?

How to ask your question

You can ask your questions through whichever channel you’re most comfortable with; either through the comments at the bottom of this blog post or direct email. Just start your message with “Ask Heart Internet” so we know what your question relates to.

Post your question in the comments section below or if you’d prefer, send it directly to me via marketing(at)heartinternet(dot)co(dot)uk.


Please remember that all comments are moderated and any links you paste in your comment will remain as plain text. If your comment looks like spam it will be deleted. We're looking forward to answering your questions and hearing your comments and opinions!

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