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Our telecom specialist sister company Heart telecom has announced the launch of their business broadband with download speeds of up to 24Mbps and free UK based support. Aimed primarily at home offices and businesses prices start at only £8.50 per month.

Features include:

24Mbps download speed

• Unlimited data allocation

• No set up fee

• Free fixed IP address

• Free web space

• Free Email

• Free UK based tech support

If you run your business from home or a small office and you are using normal consumer broadband you could be missing out on saving quite a lot of money as well as the stability and robustness of business class broadband.


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  • Eddie Wilson


    I have been getting this service for about a month now and can honestly say it has been faultless. The switchover was on time unlike some other providers I could name and the best thing of all was I didn’t even have to get a MAC code from my previous provider. Heart-Telecom just took my order and dealt with everything for me.

    Customer services was great and telephone support was also a very pleasant experience. They even knew who was calling them as I was gobsmacked when the lady asked “Is that Eddie?” which sounded so much better than most services with their “What’s your account number? can you just confirm this and that, etc”.

    Over-all, the service absolutely stinks of professionalism and I think people will be hard pressed to find a better provider anywhere in the UK.

    Just for the record, I don’t work for them and they’re not greasing my palms to say good things either.

    Eddie Wilson


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