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We’re delighted to announce that Heart Internet are again sponsors of WordCamp Manchester, happening on Saturday, October 28th, at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.

A regular on the WordCamp calendar, WordCamp Manchester is a chance for the north-west WordPress community to get together to discuss ideas, share knowledge, and express their love of WordPress. If you’re just starting out with a single blog or if you run hundreds of WordPress sites for your customers, a WordCamp is a great place to get more involved.

The banner for WordCamp Manchester

With two tracks covering a wide range of topics, it’s going to be an exciting time. Here are just five that we’re excited about:

Remote Work: Challenges and Opportunities by Karen Arnold and Pam Kocke
General Track, 10:00

Many WordPress-based companies, especially Automattic, work remotely, and while it seems to be the future of work, it isn’t always easy. Karen and Pam will cover why remote work matters, whether or not it works, and resources for finding remote work.

CSS Grid Layout – Expanding the landscape of how we do layouts with CSS by Elzette Roelofse
Technical Track, 10:00

We’ve been loving CSS Grid here and this talk by Elzette will cover what Grid is and how you can use it in your WordPress themes, including letting the browser do all the calculating work for you.

Winning at Discovery – your scope creep defender checklist by Barbara Saul
General Track, 11:45

Barbara’s talked to agencies, developers, and designers, and the one thing she’s noticed is that we all need to pin down Discovery – knowing exactly what the client expects and how to commit to that. And in this talk, she’ll go through some of the horror stories she’s heard, and how to work more effectively with your clients to prevent problems down the line.

Don’t be scared! Practical WordPress security tips by Tim Nash
General Track, 13:30

Rather than a talk on the scary dangerous world of WordPress security and all the terrible things that can happen, this is Tim’s chance to guide you through simple and practical tips that can improve your site’s security without needing expert hands.

Production-ready WordPress: Deploy your code using version control and continuous integration by Edmund Turbin
Technical Track, 14:15

It’s common practice to move code through a series of servers in a development workflow. But it can be tricky with WordPress on occasion. Edmund will go through the basic concepts around deployment, testing, and dependency management, how to push changes to WordPress, and how it all ties together. (Which, by the way, is really easy with the WordPress Toolkit on our Managed VPS.)

Progressive Enhancement by Ben Usher Smith
General Track, 15:15

By focusing on the core content first and then progressively adding more and more layers of presentation and features as the browser will allow, you give your audience exactly with they want no matter what they’re using. Ben will go through how you can get buy-in from your clients and team, how to consider it beyond your screens, and some of the mistakes to avoid.

Manchester Wapuu, the WordCamp Manchester mascot

Add to that a fantastic social event that evening, the Contributor Day on Sunday, 29 October, and the wide range of sponsors, including Yoast, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Capita, and us – it’s two days of WordPress activity.

Tickets are still available, and at only £30, they’re selling out quickly. If you’d like to hang out with us, get one now!


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