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As more people write down their thoughts and feelings on a topic they are passionate about, they will need to find a place where they can host their words.

Many will go for a free service, such as Blogger, WordPress.com, Tumblr, or even just writing long posts on Facebook. But as they become more popular and learn what they can achieve with their own site, you can be there to help them take advantage of this.

Here are a few tips to keep your blogging customers happy.

Keep the set-up simple

Make it easy for your customers to set up their blog. Don’t make them go through the process of installing software or coding up a design. Keep it as direct as possible – they buy a package, it has a domain and some space attached, and you provide the rest.

For example, in our Reseller Pro hosting package, you can set up a hosting package that automatically has WordPress installed. Customers buy a package, go to their new website, and WordPress is right there ready to be turned into a new blog.

Wordpress Welcome Screen

Give them the customisation they need

Whether it’s a new banner image, links along the side, or redesigning the entire site, people need to make their websites as unique as they are. Be certain that what you give them can be changed easily, whether choosing a new theme or just changing the header colour. You can provide step-by-step tutorials, free themes they can use, or links to resources.

WordPress Blog Themes

Provide support

At some point, they will need help, and if you’re not willing to help them with their problems, they will go elsewhere. Look into setting up a support ticket system, as it’s a great way to work with customer issues and also provides you with a way to track what the common problems are.

A support ticket

Always update the software

When a piece of web software is updated, it’s usually because of a security flaw they’ve just found. Therefore it’s vital that you update the software regularly – not just to keep your customer’s blog safe and secure, but also keep your servers safe.

WordPress Update screen

Provide statistics

A blog is nothing without readers. And when you’re trying to figure out your readership, a good analytics package makes a major difference. Give your customers readily available and detailed statistics, either by installing Google Analytics onto their packages, or offering other analytics software packages as an add-on. And if you think they might have problems understanding them, consider adding a few “how to read statistics” articles to help them along.

Graphs and charts from analytics software

Run your own blog

Show your potential customers you understand blogging is vital. What better way to do it than with a regularly updated blog of your own? Your blog won’t just be an example of what a blog can do, it’s also a great way to show that you know what you’re talking about, as well getting your site those all-important search engine hits on regularly updated content.

A screenshot of the Heart Internet Blog

Those are our tips – what are some of yours for hosting bloggers?

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