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We’re proud to announce that Heart Internet are once again sponsors of SmashingConf – this time at St Luke’s Church in London on the 7th and 8th of February.

This year, SmashingConf is focusing on web performance, everything from third-party scripts to HTTP/2 to web fonts to service works and so much more. If you’re interested in getting every single last microsecond out of your website, then this is the conference for you.

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With two days and over 15 speakers, there’s going to be a lot of fantastic discussions. Here are five talks that we’re definitely excited about:

Obscure CSS Tricks to Solve Common Problems by Estelle Weyl
Wednesday, 15:30

Estelle shows how you can stop relying on outdated frameworks built to make IE 6 work and dig into some of the more obscure aspects of CSS. Once you know these tricks, you’ll realise you can solve almost all of your problems with the latest CSS.

The Gnarly Gotchas of Page Load Performance by Jake Archibald
Thursday, 16:50

When you’re building a web app, you want to make it so that your users get everything incredibly fast, from the HTML to the CSS to the JavaScript. But just when you think you’ve solved all the problems, something else jumps up. Jake is going to show you the weird little issues that pop up and how you can tackle them with ease.

The Joy of Optimizing Images by Una Kravets
Wednesday, 11:30

The average web page size is 2.5MB, and a huge chunk of that are images. Una talks about new image formats, how to best optimise images, and help you cut down on that bloat, making your sites smaller and loading faster.

Resource Loading – Past, Present & Future by Yoav Weiss
Thursday, 12:35

Loading resources has always been an issue. And while there have been advances in network protocols and performance APIs, there’s still plenty of room to make it a lot faster. Yoav will dig into the improvements browsers have made over the years and discuss the innovations happening now to improve it even further.

A/B Testing, Ads and Other 3rd Party Tags by Andy Davies
Wednesday, 12:20

Whether we’re getting recommendations, social sharing, retargeting ads, or even analytics, we’re adding a lot of third-party scripts to our pages, and these can have a dramatic impact on performance. Andy will show how some of the more popular types of scripts affect performance and how they can be tamed.

And with their popular Mystery Speaker guest slot, lunch-time mini-talks, workshops on the 6th and the 9th, and a great afterparty, SmashingConf is a fantastic way to dig into web development.

Tickets are still available, but with less than 250 seats available, they’ll sell out quickly. If you’d like to get more into web performance (like we are), then join us at SmashingConf!


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