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We’re pleased to announce that Heart Internet are sponsoring Pixel Pioneers Bristol again, a conference for web/UX designers and front-end developers, which returns to the city’s iconic harbourside on 8 June, this time preceded by a day of workshops.

In its second year, the event will bring together some of the industry’s brightest minds, including Heydon Pickering, Sarah Richards, Simon Collison, and Stéphanie Walter.

The practical and inspiring talks will cover design systems, inclusive interface design, user testing, variable fonts, content design, perceived performance, and more. On the day before the conference, there will also be a couple of full-day workshops on UX psychology for UX and product design (run by Joe Leech) and easy and affordable user testing (run by Ida Aalen).

Pixel Pioneers Bristol Logo

After the workshops, Shopify invites you aboard the Grain Barge for a free conference warm-up that will include a fireside chat with designers Mike Kus, Djuro Selec and Michael Flarup. They will share their top tips for work / life balance in the creative and tech industries, and how we keep ourselves motivated, accountable and on track.

Pixel Pioneers founder, former net magazine editor and regular contributor to the Heart Internet blog, Oliver Lindberg says: “The success of the inaugural conference blew my mind. Bristol’s creative community is incredibly rich in meetups, but I thought it could do with an affordable all-day event. Pixel Pioneers Bristol is aimed at web designers, user experience designers, and front-end developers, especially those with a limited budget.”

“We’ll cover cutting-edge techniques and explain how some simple changes can have the biggest impact on the websites and digital products we create. You’ll leave the conference ready and excited to make a difference with no need for fancy equipment or help from expensive consultants.”

2017 Pixel Pioneers attendees standing on the patio of the M Shed

Here are a few talks we especially excited about:

When User Testing Drives Development by Ida Aalen
Early-stage startup Confrere prioritised user testing from day one. Chief product officer Ida Aalen will show you how to do user testing with limited resources, and how they got everyone from the CEO to the sound designer involved in the process.

Keeping Your Design System Alive by Inayaili de León Persson
How do you make sure your design system is kept alive and healthy? How can you encourage usage and participation? Let’s look at some simple and interesting ways that you can put into practice today to make your design system flourish.

Cheating the UX When There Is Nothing More to Optimise by Stéphanie Walter

You have optimised every line of code of your site or mobile app and used all the techniques at your disposal to have the fastest loading time possible. But you don’t have Instagram’s budget, right? Let’s talk about perceived performance and influencing the users’ perception of speed!

Variable Fonts: Possibilities++, Bandwidth– by Laurence Penney
Laurence will explain the many benefits of variable fonts for the web and how you can deploy them in real projects: responsive type within responsive design, reduced webfont payload, UI animation, and tweaking font weights and widths at any point in the design process.

Tickets for the conference and workshops are available now, and you can contact the conference organiser for group discounts.

Pixel Pioneers is also working in partnership with GWR to offer conference attendees heavily discounted rail fares to and from Bristol. If you’re planning to travel on a GWR route, simply go to GWR’s Conferences and Accommodation page and select ‘Bristol’. A London to Bristol return typically works out at £44, for example. You just need to be able to provide proof of attending the conference.

We’d love to see you there, come and say hi!


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