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Every minute, of every hour Google processes over 2 million search queries, 100,000 Tweets are sent, 48 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube, Facebook users share 685,000 pieces of content and 571 new websites are created (Source: DOMO).

I’m not going to claim we have gone through all of that in the past few weeks, but we’ve picked out some great links for you below.

    Visual website builder using BootstrapWhy you see weird prices onlineWhy people don’t read to the endLink building: The definitive guideDecrapify search, social compound metrics1001 free fontsTest your website on 2,200 emulated mobile devicesEmail templates for web designers and developers8 reasons why pageless design is the future of the web25 must see examples of kinetic typography12 common mistakes start-ups make in their first yearHuge collection of web design resources (999 at the last count)• iOS app icon template

I hope you have found something useful and enjoyable amongst the links this week. If there are any you would like to share for Link Friday #15 leave a comment below.


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