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We have updated all the following scripts to the latest versions for all our Home Pro and Business Pro web hosting customers. If you are a reseller hosting customer, and you offer any of these to your clients, your scripts have automatically been updated as well.

– Drupal V6.22

– Drupal 7 V7.4

– WordPress V3.2.1

– Website Search V1.6

– Crafty Syntax Live V3.1.2

– CMS Made Simple V1.9.4.2

– Elgg V1.7.10

– Geeklog Weblog V1.8.0

– MediaWiki V1.17.0

– phpBB3 ForumV3.0.9

– AWStats Statistics V7.0

– Roundcube WebmailV0.5.3

– SugarCRM V6.2.1

– Typo3V4.5.3

– Tracewatch V0.353

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  • Chris


    Always great work from Heart Internet.

    Congratulations Matt.

  • Steve Roberts



    Concrete5 has now been updated to 5.4.2… do you know when you expect to make that update?

    Thanks, Steve

  • 09/08/2011

    Hi Steve, update is in the pipeline – thanks for your patience 🙂

  • 10/08/2011

    Hi Steve,

    Concrete5 has been updated now.



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