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Snapshot backups are our fully automated backup service that takes a full backup of all your customers’ websites and databases (find out more here). This then gives you the ability to restore a customer’s website from any day in the past 30 days.

You can now give your customers the ability to manage this themselves from within eXtend; a huge time saver for you and your customers. It also makes this a much easier service for you to sell to your clients.

Set up snapshot backups in eXtend

The feature is configurable within the ‘Configure Hosting Package Types’ section of your RCC. You’ll see there is a new tick box named ‘Enable snapshot backups’.

Once this is enabled a ‘Snapshot backups’ icon will appear within eXtend (please note: the icon will always appear if logged in as a superuser).

The eXtend snapshots UI allows your customer to easily restore site and/or database data, and uses a calendar for date selection:

Peace of mind for your customers, with the ability to manage their own backups, is as easy as that. If you don't already have snapshot backups set up on your reseller hosting acocunt, you can find out more in your RCC.

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  • Ian Davies


    I have just purchased the Snapshot backups service and it doesn’t seem to offer backups from “any day in the past 30 days” just a selection of a handful of dates. There is no calendar as shown in your screen grab and absolutely no instructions on the process needed to restore a site.

  • Jenni


    Hi Ian,

    Please raise it with our support team and they will be able to provide details.




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