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At Heart Internet, we always try to evolve – which comes with the promise to continuously improve your websites’ performance.

As part of this, I’m delighted to confirm we’ve received delivery of a lot of new expensive kit in our Leeds data centre – specifically to upgrade our shared hosting platform.

The server boxes arriving at the Leeds data centre

This is the largest single investment in Heart Internet’s history, and it will ensure that every hosting package on our platform has the best level of performance and reliability available. We’ve set our current best performing hosting clusters as the minimum benchmark for your future performance, and this upgrade will provide you with significant performance uplifts.

Our Dell servers stacked up in the Leeds data centre

We’re replacing nearly half of all our web servers and NAS drives, increasing server power without increasing the number of sites per server. We’re also adding more database servers, ensuring that each server only serves two server clusters. This means that each database server will contain fewer databases, reducing the possibility for one website to impact the performance of others on the cluster.

Stacks of servers waiting to be put in place

And for even faster response times and performance, we’re adding SSD as caches for both NAS drives and web servers.

We’re excited about these upgrades and we know you’ll see considerable improvement in performance.

Our upgrade work began this week, and will take several months to complete. We’ll keep our Status Page updated with the latest information, and as we make progress on the upgrade, we will also post more details here.

The new servers ready to be used for shared hosting


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