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Recently we ran a competition asking you to show us your workspace. We had some fantastic entries, ranging from peaceful attic retreats to monitor stands made from over 1,000 pieces of Lego, so here’s a round up of the best!

@mcmwebhosting (McM Web Hosting)

Plenty of natural light and neutral tones make this attic room calm and inviting. We’re jealous of the nice big desk.

@evocomp (Evolution Computing)

We loved the clean look of @evocomp’s workspace almost as much as the annotations, and to set it all off there’s a great relaxing view from the window.

@jezweb (Jeremy Webb)

“Okay, @heartinternet – this is how we roll,” said Jeremy – and his workspace is definitely the most active submission we got. When we asked if he recommended using a gym ball, he said “great for my back, burn extra calories (more pizza) #winning” Sounds good to us.

@_LordSpoon (Martin Evans)

Martin told us that “Much of my life seems to happen within this space”, and he has an eclectic mix of items to prove it! In particular we love his spotlights and giant wall map.

@Scotlester (Scot Lester)

Scot is currently going through his third office renovation (see the first and second). We’re excited to see Office 3.0, but in the meantime he tweeted us a picture of his current desk.

@Xander_J_Taylor (Xander Taylor)

Xander’s desk has a pack of our Power Up cards, which he says are “never off his desk” and a Raspberry Pi which he’s converting into a retro gaming system. Nice!

@Matt_SW (Matt Wall)

Matt‘s monitor stands are ingeniously made of Lego: “My desk contains over a thousand pieces of Lego, nearly 80 inches worth of screens & lots of LED backlighting.” Most impressive of all, it’s all freestanding with no glue!

@a9ksystems (A9K Systems)

We love the way A9K systems has the contrast – yet harmony – between the natural wood and shiny tech of their workspace.

@MarioDC (Mario DeCristofano)

The winner was determined at random using, and Mario was the lucky winner! For Mario, it’s all about the screens: “…monitors are the 21st century equivalent of keys. Nothing to make you feel important than more monitors!!!” This is his space:

Which is your favourite?

Huge thanks to everyone who took part and spared the time to show us where they work. If you want to show us your workspace (just for fun this time), feel free to leave a comment below! 

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