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Ever wanted to run your very own auction website like eBay? With Heart Internet’s powerful eXtend control panel it’s never been so easy to get your auction script installed and up-and-running within seconds. As eBay is the definite industry leader amongst general auction websites, it’s going to be near-on impossible to beat, so it’s best that you target your auction site to a particular niche or be product specific, e.g. cars, gardening, crafts, etc. Being able to focus on a particular subject will allow you to tailor the entire site towards a set demographic and feature products that you know people will be interested in. If your subject is seasonal then highlight products that suit that time of year, it’s well worth sending out an e- newsletter highlighting the best deals and hot products that you know your members will be interested in to help increase sales/bids. We know security is a big issue with ecommerce websites, so our Heart Internet reseller package comes with a shared SSL security certificate which you can use to give your customers extra peace of mind when entering sensitive information.

Web Auction features include:

 – Simple Administration Interface

 – Specify Start/End times for products

 – Specify Bid Increment Rates

 – Create multiple categories to which users can browse by

 – Product Images & Descriptions

 – Create a Watch List

 – Email Notifications on auctions

 – Administrative Reporting

 – and much, much more.

Web Auction provides extensive product documentation as well as an informative support forum should you need further assistance:

Web Auction Documentation:

Web Auction Support Forum:

You can also check out our full list of scripts that can be easily installed by our customers via our eXtend 2.0 control panel below:



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