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2014 has been a huge year for domain names, with one of the biggest changes coming in launch of the brand new .uk domain. .uk is a new era for the UK online economy, representing UK values with a global reach.

.uk is our new home

To take advantage of this opportunity we have now made the move to .uk ourselves, and our new home is www.heartinternet.uk.

Anyone visiting us using the .co.uk domain name (or any other) will be automatically redirected to our .uk address.

Why have we made this move?

.uk is the domain name for digital pioneers with strong UK roots making it a natural home for us.

We also believe that .uk will become the first choice domain name for all UK websites in the coming years, so why wait?

Join us and get started with your own .uk domain…


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  • Mac


    Is this a risky move when it comes to SEO? Have you guys 301 redirected all the pages?

  • Jon


    Do you anticipate this having any impact on SEO? What steps have you taken to mitigate the risk?

  • Peter


    dotUK domains in reseller accounts / hostpay.

    Heart Internet bombarded Resellers with info and sales documentation about the availability of dotUK. We were (rightly) encouraged to promote this.
    Then Heart opened sales but without functionality in HostPay (and without mentioning that this functionality was missing). So, OUR mailshots invited client to do something that wasn’t possible:-(
    Then another fanfare and burst of promotions from Heart “now available via Hostpay”
    Placing an order for a dotUK domain in HostPay does not generate a basket item.
    I have raised a ticket on 18 July – but no progress so far as I know – just apologies.
    Yes I can register the .uk domains for my clients and then assign the domains to them in hostpay. But that and the associated manual billing just wastes my time and kills my margin. Why oh why was this not tested BEFORE you told us it was available. SOMEBODY in Heart should be answering that question and putting out a warning / apology (at least!)

  • Jenni


    Hi Mac,

    We don’t think it is; as long as you create a proper plan and follow through carefully it’s fine. There are plenty of articles, tips and infographics about moving on the web too. We have redirected everything, yes 🙂



  • Jenni


    Hi Jon,

    It’s had surprisingly little impact. We’ve redirected everything, submitted a new sitemap, contacted people asking them to update our links, changed our own social links etc.



  • Jenni


    Hi Peter,

    We can only apologise for this. The development testing we did passed easily, but on the live site there was an unanticipated bug due to a conflict. Our development team is working on it and we appreciate it’s frustrating for you.

    Thanks for your patience,


  • David


    Just a note of caution for you. I logged into today for the first time since you’ve obviously done this and it stopped me in my tracks with concern that you had been hacked and an illict redirect applied. There was then some frantic checking to convince my all was legitimate. Maybe most people won’t notice, but I doubt I am the only one that would be concerned at a redirection for something as sensitive as registration/hosting without notice.

  • Jenni


    Hi David,

    Sorry for causing confusion. We sent an email out to all customers as well issuing a press release and posting on social media. We really appreciate the fact you’re so vigilant and on the ball when it comes to security though; better to be safe than sorry.


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