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We’re delighted to announce the Website of the Month winner for November 2017 – Vet Dynamics!

Screenshot of the Vet Dynamics home page

When it comes to the veterinary sector, Vet Dynamics helps veterinarians fuel their passion, from starting out up until retirement. The centrepiece of this is their digital presence, a communal web platform brimming with information for independent practices.

Just as veterinary professionals care about animals and their welfare, Vet Dynamics cares about their web presence. User optimisation is complemented with search engine optimisation, aiding findability in Google. Combine this with active social feeds and a well-kept blog, the Vet Dynamics’ website has plenty of information for visitors to gnaw on. Mobile-ready and professional-looking, we’re proud to bestow Website of the Month to Vet Dynamics.

We talked to Amandeep Budwal, website manager for Vet Dynamics, about the website.

Screenshot of a page in the Vet Dynamics' website

What is Vet Dynamics?

We’re a business consultancy who specialise in supporting independent veterinary practice owners and their teams.

How does the website enhance, support, and drive forward the business’s goals?

The website acts as a hub for new clients, and is a source of information for our existing members.

Screenshot of a page on the Vet Dynamics' site

What would you say the website’s personality is?

It’s a professional website, but also friendly and easy to navigate.

When you designed the website, did you design with the customer in mind, or did you have a fixed idea on how you wanted to portray the brand via the website?

Both, really.

Screenshot of the page about Vet Dynamics' mascot Dudley

What’s your favourite thing about the website?

It’s simply and easy to use.

What do you think makes your site different from the competition?

It’s contemporary and clean.

Screenshot of the Vet Dynamics' blog

Do you have any future plans for the website?

We are always looking for ways to improve and update our website so that it remains user-friendly and informative, but also as simple and clean as possible.

And how has it been being a Heart Internet customer?

Heart Internet provides brilliant customer service. And everything is found so easily on the customer dashboard.

Screenshot of the Vet Dynamics' FAQ

Thank you, Amandeep, and congratulations on winning!

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