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We’re proud to announce the Website of the Month winner for February 2018 – Spacion!

With large and inspiring imagery that captures the immersive feeling of interactive virtual reality, Spacion’s website makes it clear who they are, what they they, and how they can help your business.

Easy to navigate both on desktop and mobile, Spacion’s website takes visual storytelling to the next level. Built by Hedley Enterprises, a web and marketing agency based in Moray, Spacion definitely deserves to be our Website of the Month. We talked to Neil Hedley, founder of Hedley Enterprises, for a quick chat about this website.

Screenshot of the Spacion home page

What is Spacion and what do they do for businesses?

Spacion captures real-time 3D space using state-of-the-art camera technology. Within 48 hours of the site visit, the resulting virtual immersive space can be online and linked to the client’s media, creating a truly interactive user experience.

Many business sectors can benefit from our services, but our core group is Design and Construction, Retail and Hospitality, and Residential and Holiday Lets. Our ultimate goal is to provide an online platform that requires no additional software and adds value to our client’s business portfolio.

How does the website enhance and support Spacion’s goals?

We’re using complex technology, which can be quite daunting to many people. With this in mind, our site is designed to give potential clients the chance to explore the possibilities open to them without too much technical jargon.

Screenshot of a Spacion virtual tour video

What would you say the website’s personality is?

We think the website is captivating, with a friendly and vibrant feel to it.

When the site was designed, was it designed with the customer in mind, or was there a fixed idea for how the brand would be portrayed?

After a few initial Skype meetings and some draft concepts, we all agreed that designing the website with a “space” theme would be the way to go – really bringing in the idea that the possibilities are endless.

This also coincides with what Spacion are doing – Your SPACE captured in 100% interactive VR.

Screenshot of the Spacion's Sectors page

What’s your favourite thing about the website?

I love the Sectors page – the way it’s been designed keeps the interest of the viewer and allows for growth.

What do you think makes the site different from the competition?

Many of our competitors’ sites are overly complex and not that inviting. We purposely designed our website to be different, with vibrant colour schemes and a user-friendly interface.

Screenshot of the Spacion's Residential Properties page

What are your future plans for the website?

As the business grows, we’ll add more sectors, project examples, and future technology opportunities.

And what has it been like being a Heart Internet customer?

I’ve used and been with Heart Internet since 2008, and will continue to be a customer. The support is fantastic, and with any queries I’ve had, Heart Internet has been easily contactable either through the ticket system, live chat, or through Twitter.

Screenshot of Spacion's Contact Us section

Thank you, Neil, and congratulations on winning!

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