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When it comes to website hosting, there are plenty of companies out there who will readily take your money. They may promise the earth but the chances are that the service will not be as promised and you’ll probably end up paying through the nose for it. With a companies website being such a vital part of a business, the company that provides your website hosting is vital.

Thankfully, Heart Internet are the perfect choice when considering which company should host your website. We offer a variety of packages which are clearly aimed at three different groups of users. The first package on offer is Starter Pro, with 5000mb web space, 30000mb monthly bandwidth and 24 x 7 support, this is ideal for small businesses looking to make their mark on the internet. Home Pro is the second package on offer; this package offers significant increases in size on the Starter Pro package and with added database and e-commerce features. The top package is Business Pro; this is perfect for businesses as it offers unlimited bandwidth, space and plenty of other tools for business.

One final thing worth consideration when choosing your website hosting company is where your hosting company is based. Most search engines adapt their search results to the country where the hosting company is based and give fast loading websites a boost too. Choosing a UK based website hosting company such as ours at Heart Internet, means you will be included in more search results. This can only be good for business as it will generate more publicity and sales.

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