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Super-fast web hosting with server-level performance for more demanding websites

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Powerful Premium Web Hosting

Server-level performance without server-level administration

Familiar website hosting environment

Familiar environment

With Premium Hosting, you still have the easy-to-use interface and control panel you know from our other products, but you also get server-level performance, unbeatable speed, and the reliability of a custom-built server cluster, all managed by us.

Managed around the clock

All essential maintenance is performed in our secure Leeds-based data centre, ensuring that the platform and your servers are kept fully up to date with the latest security patches and OS updates. Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our data centre has multiple dedicated network links to guarantee you super-fast response times.

Managed around the clock
Dedicated resources, superior performance

Dedicated resources for superior performance

Built with both dedicated RAM and CPU resources, our packages can offer superior performance with more power exclusive to you. Thanks to our OpenVZ containerised web servers, storage, and database servers, the performance of your sites will not be impacted by other users on the same server. And we ensure that our storage and servers have SSDs balanced with SAS disks, providing speed and resilience right when you need it.

99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement

We have built a system so reliable that we have a 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement in place for our Premium website hosting packages. Our confidence in our platform allows us to compensate you if you experience just 0.01% downtime in any month.

Read more about our SLA.

99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement
Build your sites your way

Everything you need to manage all your projects

Multi-site hosting

One centralised location for all your clients and projects, letting you run an online network of high-performing websites seamlessly without sacrificing performance.

One-click apps

Install a wide range of popular apps quickly and easily, including WordPress and other content management systems; Magento and more e-commerce solutions; or Moodle and other software.

eXtend Control Panel

You’ll have an eXtend Control Panel, with user-friendly features, for every website you host, allowing you to manage your site’s files and accounts separately.

The magic behind the curtain

Inside Premium Hosting

Your own private containers and resources

Your own private containers and resources

We’ve placed the web servers, storage, and database servers in virtual containers, so each can be tuned separately with dedicated resources allocated. We use OpenVZ, which allows us to integrate new hosting features easily to keep our technology cutting-edge. And containerisation means that you’re isolated from other users, so any abuse or heavy traffic from other sites won’t affect yours.

High resilience and availability

Every aspect of our Premium Hosting has failover built in. From the front-end to the back-end, the load balancers to storage, we have it covered. If something goes down or if it’s under a heavy load, another server is right there to take over.

High resilience and availability
Built in-house by our experts

Built in-house by our experts

All the technology we used to create Premium packages is either built in-house or open source. This not only makes them great value for your money, but also means our experts completely understand the systems from the bare metal up.

High performance hardware

Our storage and database servers utilise high-performance SSDs with super-fast I/O speeds for hot data, while also using the fastest available SAS disks for warm data, ensuring you benefit from both storage capacity and speed. We also use MariaDB for our databases, giving you total binary compatibility with MySQL while providing even more features, better performance, and the flexibility of fully open-source software.

High performance hardware
Take control of your hosting

You provide the talent, we provide the resources

Unlimited MySQL* databases

Unlimited MySQL* databases

Powerful websites demand a responsive database, so our MariaDB database server is built to hold as many 1GB MySQL databases as you need. Running multiple installations of database-driven software such as Magento or WordPress is no problem for our Premium Hosting packages.

Programming language support

Programming language support

Develop your own applications and sites in the programming languages you want, including PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby. And use the modules you want, with support for Image::Magick, Zend Optimizer, cURL, and more.

SSH terminal access

SSH terminal access

Our eXtend control panel makes it easy for you or your customers to control each website, but for our more advanced users, we’ve included SSH access on all our Premium Hosting packages – perfect for improving your workflow, setting up git or rsync, or just working in the command line.

Your hosting, your way
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