Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate

Supplying luxury hot chocolate at the click of a mouse
Phillip Easton - Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co is a Heart Internet customer

“If I wasn't using a Shared Hosting platform then I would be paying through the nose for servers or I would have to set up my own...”

Phillip Easton runs Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co (known as Pips for Milk until December 2014) which he set up after becoming tired of drinking powdered hot chocolate. He spent 10 years making his own by melting real chocolate into milk - which he found was healthier and tasted better - before spotting a gap in the market for luxury hot chocolate with natural flavours and deciding to sell it.

Phillip knew that he would need a secure website that would be the main point of selling to his customers and the heart of his company. The reliability of the shared hosting platform is something that he has found to be extremely important for his business. "With the local internet not being the best in the world, I have the ability to set up the server. I've got spare computers to set something up, but I don't have the reliability that I do with Heart Internet," He says. This has also proved to be a cost effective solution for the business. "If I wasn't using a Shared Hosting platform then I would be paying through the nose for servers or I would have to set up my own."

Teamed with the 24-7 technical support that Heart Internet provides, Phillip is able to run his website and communicate with his customers with ease. "I can't code. I can do little bits and bobs, but I can't do massively technical stuff," he says. "I can get anything that I need from Heart Internet and if I can think of it online they can help me with it."

With the freedom to manage his business in a way that suits his needs, Phillip has all the tools he needs to succeed. "I try to get everyone online because I hate doing paperwork," He says. "The e-commerce solutions I can get through Heart Internet are absolutely fantastic because all the invoicing is built in."

With our helping hand, Phillip has been able to watch his business grow with his inspiration. "I think that Heart Internet providing the automatic installs and the huge library of those scripts that they've got has been really useful for me." This has also allowed him to focus on expansion and he is now testing new products. "I'm using a crumb chocolate which is like granulated chocolate. It's been tested fairly successfully in café's, and it's now moving on to the retail side," he says. "So very soon you should see it sold by the gram on pipsformilk.co.uk."

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Being able to host a secure shop on my shared platform is absolutely fantastic, it’s something people expect to see when they shop online