Expert Services for Virtual Private Servers

Specialist support for Fully-Managed VPS customers

Our long list of Expert Services is available to all Fully-Managed VPS customers. Our experts will be your invisible partners, keeping things running behind the scenes, until you reach out to them for support with specific tasks. They can help with everything from set-up and optimisation to installation and security tasks. Discover the full list of tasks below.

Hand over your set-up, management and update tasks to us

Set-up tasks

Get help with everything from server configuration and content migrations to DNS and email client set-up.


Call on our experts to install SSL certificates, SQL Server Express database management systems, CMSs like WordPress, PHP modules and more.

Updates and upgrades

Save time by asking our professional team to take care of chores like PHP upgrades.


Ensure your server is performing at its best by asking our experts to carry out jobs like MySQL optimisations and disk space audits.

Security tasks

Safeguard your Fully-Managed VPS by getting our team to take care of important security tasks like firewall rule configurations and security application installations.

Custom service requests

If you need help with a task that doesn’t fall into one of the categories below, simply tell our team what you need, and we'll let you know what we can do.

Discover our Expert Services

If you have one of our Fully-Managed VPS packages, and a control panel like cPanel or Plesk on your server, you can request any of the following tasks, for free.

How to request help

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