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We had such a good response to our recent slide deck, Content marketing: Pitching to third parties, that we decided to do a roundup of some of the best content marketing articles and guides on the web.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’ve never done content marketing or you’re a seasoned pro, so grab a drink and get ready to bookmark.

What Exactly Is Content Marketing and Why Do You Need It?

If you’re new to content marketing, this article from Inc. is a great place to start. As well as introducing you to the topic, it provides some great tips about creating a strategy, how to get yourself heard on the web, how to track success, and other go-to sources of information.


9 Actionable Content Marketing Tips From Top Industry Experts

This three page article looks at top tips from successful company founders and CEOs drawing on their own experiences and examples of success stories. You can easily adapt them for your own use regardless of how big or small your website is.


17 Content Marketing Tips for Any Size Budget

Michael Brenner has created a fantastic list of succinct hacks to boost your content marketing. This is a particularly good one to refer back to as you develop your strategy and experiment to see what works for you.


15 Indispensable Content Marketing Tips

A great collection of tips and tricks from Econsultancy, this post covers everything from practical planning to creativity. If you’re like most people and tend to be better at one aspect but not the other, this list will help you get the right balance.


10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest More in Content Marketing

On the fence about whether content marketing is worth the commitment? This article explains why you should consider developing a content marketing strategy for your website and where to invest your time and money.


Small Business Video Advice from Content Marketers

Specific to marketing your videos, this article provides a wealth of tried and tested advice from professionals about how best to go about promoting videos as a small business.


3 Secrets to Content Marketing Success for B2B Small Businesses

If you sell to other businesses, this is a good article for identifying potential weak areas. Teamed with the “three magic words” for success, this piece looks at what successful businesses do right.


5 Businesses That Rock Content Marketing

Sometimes the best way to get inspiration is to see first hand examples from companies who consistently get it right. This short list from Mashable outlines some key businesses to follow for best practice examples of real world content marketing.


How Small Businesses Can Use Visual Content and Increase Conversions

A different angle on content marketing, this article from Tom More suggests some pretty controversial tips and also explains how you can use content from other sources to save time and money.


5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

If you need to convince a partner, manager or client about the benefits of content marketing, direct them to this excellent article from Statement. It outlines a series of indirect benefits of content marketing that can have a real impact on your business.


Content Marketing Guide For Small Businesses

This guide from Wildshark contains five well-written chapters that include everything from strategizing to choosing and creating content that works for your specific business.


5 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business (And How to Fix Them)

Despite its dramatic title, this post from Grow is a practical no-nonsense guide to improving the way you think about content marketing and how you implement it for your business website.


Quicksprout’s Advanced Content Marketing Guide

If you’re familiar with the basics of content marketing and want to get your teeth into lesser known advice, make this beautifully illustrated guide from Quicksprout your go-to source for information.


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