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Have you ever spent hours crafting the perfect piece of content, only to find that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves when it finally goes live? You’re not alone.

Creating useful, exciting and attractive content has always been the best practice advice, but that in and of itself doesn’t guarantee success. Often the reason for limited reactions is purely because people just don’t get a chance to see it. With decreasing organic reach from social media due to algorithmic changes and ever-increasing noise, how do you promote your content successfully for free?

This edition of Tips in Ten looks at one of the ways you can market your content to third parties with the intention of getting them to publish it on their own websites (or even in print, e.g. magazines and newspapers), and share it to extend its reach.

The slidedeck covers a range of pitching tips, how to structure pitch emails, a framework, and a series of golden rules to follow. Like all the Tips in Ten series, this deck is adapted from one of our internal team talks and contains advice we’ve used successfully ourselves.  If you missed any of the others in the series so far, check them out here:

If you have any suggestions of topics you’d like to see covered in ten slides, please email and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request!

What are your top tips for seeding content with third parties? Drop us a comment below with what you’ve found works for you.


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