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What does your contact form say about you?

When it comes to contact and comment forms, many of us use only minimal styling, choosing to focus our efforts on the rest of our design instead. But an attractive contact form not only demands attention but displays your attention to detail – particularly important if you’re a freelancer or creative agency.

It’s amazing what you can do with a few boxes and a button! Check out our examples of great contact forms and comment forms below (click the images to visit the sites):

Displaying your email address as well as your contact form makes it easier to avoid technical hitches.

Making your contact form large and clear makes it more accessible.

Short contact forms are much more appealing from a user perspective.

Thoughtful styling of the page/area around your contact form allows you to keep it simple but interesting.

Make required fields clear to save your visitors’ time.

Vintage styling adds a great twist on standard email forms.

Incorporating the theme of your website into your form is great for consistent branding.

If you have a physical location, a subtle map is a clean way to add a visual to your form.

Forms that encompass horizontal space require less scrolling and are ideal for footers.

A fun alternative to traditional typing, Loewy’s contact form allows you to send doodles.

Forms that stand out on the page will generate more contact. Don’t forget to have links on your index page and in your footer too.

A beautiful example of a Flash form with interesting page animation.

Make checkboxes more interesting by using images.

Make your Submit button large and appealing.

Lightbox-style forms save space and encourage completion.

Light-hearted guidelines next to your comment form will cut down on spam.

A quick contact form in your footer lets people contact you from every page without having much of an impact on page load times.

On the other hand, making the contact form the only thing on a page stops people getting distracted.

Incorporate CAPTCHAs into your design where possible.

Unconventional contact form designs are memorable, but remember to keep them user friendly.

Sketching and ruled line effects on contact forms helps add a rustic look.

Which are your favourite forms and what do you look for in a form on someone else’s site? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Davide


    I like Design wise and what you said “Making your contact form large and clear makes it more accessible”

    I believe in Less is more on a contact form keep it simple and easy to understand

  • ahmed


    Really nice designs , creative … superb


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