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If you liked our previous Power Up cards posts (2,200 new blog post ideas to power up your business and How to power up your ideas, projects, and knowledge in 2 minutes), here are three more ways you can use our web tips cards.

All you’ll need for these tasks is a pack of Power Up cards.


1. Strengths & weaknesses

Organise the cards in a spectrum from your strongest areas to weakest. This can be done with one or two categories at a time if you prefer to make it more manageable.

If you’re doing this as part of a team, record each person’s strengths and weaknesses individually to see where the cross-overs are and identify any common weak points. Finally, try it as a joint exercise to see where the team as a whole has strengths and weaknesses.

Following on from there you can set goals to improve weaker areas. This could be as specific as complete online courses within a specific time, or as general as reading an article on the topic. However you choose to learn, establish timeframes and goals for maximum effect.


2. Summary line brainstorming

Remove the “Category Cheat Sheet” cards and brown PHP and ASP.NET cards from the deck. Select a card at random from the rest of the deck and write/type out the sentence directly underneath the picture. Make a list or diagram with ideas of how you can apply it, create it or improve it for your current situation or project.

If you’re having trouble getting started, make some notes on aspects of it you do well or have seen other people doing well first.


3. Seven minute cheat sheets

Remove a “Category Cheat Sheet” card from the deck. Pick a category from the grid, and set a timer for seven minutes. In that time, write down as many concepts, words, tips, questions, and general thoughts as you can. Use your notes to spark ideas for content and improving your website.

Do one a day over a couple of weeks and revisit your shortest lists and lists with the most questions to see where you have knowledge gaps.


What’s your favourite way of using the Power Up cards? Let us know in the comments!

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