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A while back we released a set of fun tips cards to power up your skills and knowledge. As well as playing the game and simply reading the tips, we also put together some more ideas for using the cards to improve your website and business. You can read them here: How to power up your ideas, projects and knowledge in 2 minutes.

Although we’ve gone with ‘blog post’ ideas for the title of this post, these ideas can be adapted for whatever content you like. Chain a few posts together and convert to PDF for an instant ebook, or offer as a free download in exchange for a social media share or email subscription. Or create videos, podcasts, presentations, infographics as desired….whatever you like!

All you need to get started is something to type on, and a pack of Power Up cards.

Fresh blog post ideas

The list is split into evergreen post titles (‘set and forget’ posts that will direct traffic to your website all year round), and more seasonal titles that will drive large amounts of traffic within a smaller window. Make sure you actively review your website analytics and social media to see which posts are drawing the most interest, and follow up with another post to keep interest high. As there are 55 different Power Up cards, multiply them by the 40 ideas in our lists for 2,200 new article ideas for your blog.

(For this particular exercise, some card titles will require a little grammatical help, e.g. ‘Optimising email’ works better as ‘Email optimisation’ for the purpose of these lists).

Evergreen post titles

‘Evergreen’ content is the gift that gives all year round. You’ll have visitors checking out your website consistently and you won’t need to update or add follow-up posts unless you want to (it can really help to do this for your most popular posts though!)

Simply replace ‘X’ with a number and ‘…’ by selecting a Power Up card at random and using its title.

How to improve your …
X articles to better …
A beginner’s guide to …
Better … in five minutes
Getting started with …
X websites to kickstart your …
Everything you need to know about …
X must-read tips to develop your …
All you need to know about …
How to get more traffic through …
X … gurus to follow
X little known … facts
X pieces of … advice that will stand the test of time
X … reads from industry experts
X … tools for almost anything
What I learned about … from my competitors
X examples of best practice …
X ways to freshen up your …
X things you didn’t know about …
X must-read tips for working with …



How to improve your engagement
15 articles to better mobile UX
A beginner’s guide to PHP

Seasonal post titles

Seasonal blog posts are great for capturing a concentrated amount of traffic over a short period. You can follow up by making the most popular posts you publish a tradition for your blog. Replace ‘2016’ with the year of your choice, and [season] with a season or holiday. As with the other list, replace ‘…’ with the title of a random Power Up card. Time-sensitive topics work particularly well for seasonal posts, for example browser compatibility, SEO, and so on.

  • Predictions for … in 2016
  • How … will change in 2016
  • X top tips for … in 2016
  • The best … advice of 2016
  • X unmissable tips for … in 2016
  • The complete guide to … in 2016
  • 2016 in … articles
  • X links to better … in 2016
  • What you need to know about … in 2016
  • X of 2016’s best … infographics
  • X articles to improve your [season] …
  • How you can develop your … skills in [season]
  • X quick tips for improving your … this [season]
  • Prepare your business for [season] in 30 minutes
  • X must-read articles on … this [season]
  • The complete guide to … in [season]
  • Boost your … knowledge this [season]
  • Your [season] guide to …
  • X … videos for [season]
  • 10 minutes to better … for [season]


  • Predictions for responsive design in 2016
  • What you need to know about writing for search in 2016
  • Boost your UI design knowledge this summer
  • 10 articles to improve your Halloween content


Simply use our suggested titles as-is, make a few tweaks, or use them to spark your own ideas.

Using the tips

Once you’ve got your title, you’re free to go off and write. However, if you find it hard getting started or want some ideas for points to expand on, the bullet points on the cards provide a great starting point. You could write a paragraph or two around each, or take one and build it out to create a whole post.

There are so many cards though!

To make it more manageable:

Use the “Category Cheat Sheet” cards to eliminate categories of cards that you’re not interested in writing about before you start.
Create a blog post schedule in a spreadsheet or text document to stay organised and keep crafting regular content.
If you’re not creating a schedule, make a list of finalised blog post titles so you don’t forget what you were intending to write about.
Only work with one card at a time…stack the others and put them out of sight to avoid getting distracted.

I keep drawing cards that I don’t know much about?!

It’s the perfect chance to learn more! Either set them aside for now, or get searching and reading up on articles online. If you make some time to read an article a day, you should have enough knowledge to write a short beginner’s guide within a week or two.

Alternatively, you can just focus on the topics you’re more comfortable with and make them go further by turning them into multi-part series or writing follow-up posts.

Using these titles or ideas to write your own blog posts? Drop us a tweet with the URL and we’ll share it!

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