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Over the last few months, as part of our Power Up campaign, we’ve been posting blogs and creating resources to help you learn new skills and take your website to the next level. We’ve now come to the end of this campaign and, in this post, we’ll round up the great blogs and projects we released in case you missed any of them.

5 tips to improve your website this week series

Week 1: SEO, heatmaps and security

Week 2: Organisation and planning

Week 3: Google Analytics, streamlining images and cross-browser testing

Week 4: Analytics and data

Week 5: Page speeds, SEO and security

Week 6: Increasing conversion and click-through rates and social media

Week 7: Brand implementation

Week 8: Design resources, ecommerce templates and about me/us pages

Week 9: Themes and resources

Week 10: Website content

Week 11: A/B testing

Week 12: SEO strategy

Week 13: Emotional branding

Beginner to expert posts

WordPress: 23 resources to take you from beginner to expert

Photoshop: 16 resources to take you from beginner to expert

Content marketing: 17 resources to take you from beginner to expert

Digital marketing: 19 resources to take you from beginner to expert


Interview with web accessibility champion Laura Kalbag

Interview with Additive founder and The Drum editor at large Dave Birss

Individual posts

The psychology of motivation

How to manage your projects effectively

7 of the best gaming infographics

Power Up your mind with these motivational books

Power Up your project management

We really enjoyed creating and running this campaign and we hope it helped you to get out of your comfort zone, learn some new skills and optimise your web projects.

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